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Friday, September 2, 2011

Before and After

Pages never end up looking like they do in the beginning, but, instead, go through many transformations. Perhaps this is a metaphor for our lives, but I won't go there right now!

Both of the pages on the left started out with very several very bright colors.  Burnt Sienna was glazed over the top, and various stencils were used to calm them down.  A lot of moooshing and blotting also helped to tone them down.

The bottom left page (more blue)  started out as a depository for leftover colors from other pages.....see its beginning as a yellow sheet with blue and green blobs and smears in the right photo.  With the addition of many more layers, the glaze, and the stenciling it was totally changed into the complex page that you see here.

The right photo also shows one of my work tables which is at standing height.  The red surface is a very large teflon sheet on which I paint the pages. It cleans up beautifully and the pages do not stick to it. (usually!)  This is important as I often work on both sides of the page at the same time.  The two left pages in this photo are really the front and back of one sheet of Wausau cardstock.

You can see the spray bottle, paper towels, and baby wipes; all are my major tools along with old motel key cards.  Latex gloves are very helpful!  The paints are any brand of acrylic you have on hand, expensive to very cheap.  Each brand works a bit differently and learning about them is part of the play.

The App used to make this composite photo is PhotoWall for the iPAD.

Time to grab some tubes of paint and play!


  1. Marcy this paper is lovely, I want some! And I have never heard of Teflon for covering a whole table, so now I want that too! Welcome to the blogging world my friend.