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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Altering Photos and other iPAD Endeavors

The iPAD is useful for many things and, even better, it brings a lot of fun into my life. 

As for some people thinking that iPADs can be a great time waster, wellll....I have to admit they are right!  When one can carry a very light-weight "computer" to the recliner, the hours speed quickly by before you realize it.

I read the news on several different apps. One of my favorites is News360 which gives many viewpoints for each subject covered. Flipboard gives you a Facebook overview and lets you read blogs and RSS feeds all in one place.  What's on? is a great tv guide.....so you can use two time-wasters at one time....... Now, that IS efficient, isn't it?

Ever since taking classes from LK Ludwig using photos altered before and after putting them on the journal page, I have really enjoyed the new views of my world.  You just HAVE to be present when you are looking for new viewing angles for photos of all that is around you. You really start seeing where you are, now.  Being present.  Too often we pay no attention to that which is around us as our minds whirl with thoughts.  Be Here Now....sounds like a title for a book.

The photo above of the church was taken in Kodiak, Alaska when we were on a trip to the Bering Sea. Have you seen The World's Deadliest Catch on tv?  The boats head north out of Dutch Harbor looking for crab and lobster.  Our ship also headed north out of Dutch Harbor, but, thankfully, our seas were calm and the temperature was warm. We visited several islands with native villages, went into a Russian town so desolate that if you work there 10 years you get a double pension, and then headed over the Arctic Circle before ending the trip in Nome.  This photo was altered in the Dynamic Light app, and it will be further altered once it is printed and put into a journal.

Now, you will have to excuse me as I go to play Words with Friends with my friend Joy who lives in MN. She always wins, but I keep on tryin'.

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  1. WOW! What a great description of your trip. Very nice point about viewing your world differently through altering photos. I am VERY jaded when it comes to electronic alterations because too often they just look gimicky. It is nice to be reminded that there is a real place for this practice, and creative ways of doing it. THanks!