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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A bounty of books....

Pictured is one of the bookshelves on which I keep the books I have made. Some of these volumes have completed pages, some do not.

It really doesn't matter to me whether or not the book gets filled as it is the painting of the pages and the binding of the book that are important to me.

Gradually, many of the pages have photos added....photos which are altered before or after application to the page.  Journaling comes along eventually.

There is one book in which I am actually using as a writing journal, tho I have to admit, the writing is done in such a way that anyone else would have trouble reading it. The acrylic-washed Stonehenge pages look old and the brown ink of the pen adds to the ancient look. I love the feel of these pages as much, or more, as I like the look of the pages.

 This book was made in a class with Albie Smith when she came here to Colorado.  We had a great time touring around, painting pastepapers, and making this book.

Have a colorful day!!

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  1. Wow! Marcy what a lot of books you have made. I thought I had quite a few until I saw your photo:)
    I too am more in it for the bookmaking, the only ones I use are the journals made in Kelly's classes.