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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Patterns and Perceptions

One night, as I was lying on the floor getting a marvelous foot rub from The Donald, I looked at the ceiling fan with new eyes, from a new perspective, from a new angle.

I had never before noticed the reflections caused by two different light sources. The patterns changed as the fan revolved and as the light sources varied.

How much of life do we miss by always looking from one viewing spot.....  from one point of perception?  There are a multitude of variations, but we usually see what we expect to see, what we want to see. 

What we know makes us comfortable. New viewpoints can shake that comfort zone.

We think we know all about something, but if someone or something breaks through our stubborn consciousness, we can learn much more about life when viewing from someone else's angle or perspective.

Try looking in a new way, from a new place, from a place of not-knowing....... today.  What will you find that is different from what you expected?

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