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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Recycle, re-use even the tiny bits......

A simple display of note cards made from scraps - paste papers and watercolor paintings....

Thursday, March 15, 2012


We measure most of our lives by time.  We have so many minutes to do....to be....to arrive at......or waste.

Time flies.  Time stalls.  Depends on your perception....do you want the event to linger or to flee as quickly as possible?

I pray we all choose wisely and consume our precious moments wisely.

Time is running out. Do what your heart tells you to do....NOW.....before it is too late.

Monday, March 5, 2012

But I EXPECTED rhubarb!!!

Did you ever get engulfed by a desire, an expectation?  Was your mouth watering at the anticipation of the special tasting adventure of something you had not had for a very long time?

We were riding a little train around a farm and peach orchard when we spied splendid rhubarb among the u-pick items growing in the organic garden. I asked the Donald if he would like some....I could mix in a little sugar and heat some up to go over ice cream. Now, you have to understand, he REALLY likes rhubarb and we almost never have it. Oh, we were tingling with anticipation, ready to end the train ride, grab a basket and run over to the field to grab that fresh, ready to pick delicacy.

We got to the garden and found NO rhubarb. Deflation. Disappointment. 

The plant that we had mistaken for rhubarb was a very large growth of beets!  NOT the same at all!! Well, the stems WERE a bit red and the leaves were green. No way were warm beets going to go on top of that ice cream lined up for desert. No way!

So, we stayed with the red and green theme and picked a bunch of radishes. We like radishes. But not over ice cream, not mixed with sugar and warmed up into a flavorful syrup. This crop was not at all what we had planned, not what we expected.....but it is what we got.

You do know that had we expected radishes we would have been ecstatic....well, at least happy.  But no, we expected rhubarb and were disappointed that our expectation was not met.

Have no expectations.....be happy with what is.  Always.  Give thanks.  A recipe for contentment. 

When will I learn this?