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Monday, September 5, 2011

Belts and Books.....

Today's photo shows the results of some of my thrift store/ library book sale shopping.

Using the covers of great old books for the covers of your journals makes for a fun look.....and saves some dumpster space for really unusable things.  The cover to the right of Westward HO!  is a painted book board cover on which a photo has been applied. I am one of the few people who go to the library sales with a tape measure and looking only at covers....people give me some very strange looks.

The journal I made for use at Art Unraveled and Art and Soul has a great cover... Ten Nights in a Bar Room!!  Of course, I only go to the happy hours to see friends and to share what we did that day in classes.  Right, Earl?

Old belts are great for making the sewn-over-tapes binding.

This binding allows the pages to lie flat when you are working on them which makes for much easier photo alteration and journaling. It is really tough, also, and allows for a great deal of handling without falling apart....important for much-used journals.

Thanks to LK Ludwig for the covers/belts ideas!

Happy journaling!  Go paint some pages!  Write some words!

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  1. I LOVE to read old books. Don't throw the innards away if you use the covers.......give them to me!