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Friday, May 25, 2012


Rain and snow pelt the windows obscuring the view

Some days one just cannot see clearly.  How we figure out which days those are befuddles me.

How will we ever know that what we see may not be reality? 
Shall we just assume we can never judge rightly? 
        Makes sense to me!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Northern Arizona in the winter

We spent a month ...March.... near Cottonwood, AZ.  We were very surprised when the cold front came moving in from the north and west.

For two days we were pelted with rain, and then snow. Since we were in the Verde Valley, the altitude was not high enough for a great amount of snow, but the Mingus Mountains around us were nicely dusted.

A couple days later, the blue skies and bright sun returned. The birds were delighted with the moisture and were VERY noisy the first day the sun returned.

Having just a teasing taste of winter works for us!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Do that which you cannot do......

Susannah Conway spoke in her blog about how hard it is to allow yourself to be a beginner.  

Van Gogh said that we must do that which we cannot do in order to learn to do it. 

I received both these messages this winter, so I have to draw the conclusion that I am meant to get out of my comfort zone and move onto things I would like to learn to do, rather than sticking to the known.

My friend, Jane, has teased me greatly about choosing retreat classes that teach what I already know how to do.  "Get out of your box, Marcy!"

To be a beginner, to not do reasonably well is VERY difficult and frustrating for me....ask the Donald!!

I guess it is time. Soooooo, My lettering needs a ton or work and my drawing skills are nil. These are the areas I have chosen for my next endeavors.

We shall see where these exercises lead me.  Now, how about you???  Do something today that you think you cannot do!!