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Monday, September 26, 2011

The things you find......

As you know, I am continually cleaning the art space.  One of these days it all of the things will be in their place ready for me to find and use them.  At least, that is the premise of all this work.  Maybe I am just delaying doing art, however, I usually find myself delaying the cleaning while a page just has to be painted.

One aspect of the purging is finding things I had lost track of over time.  This page is from a journal started at Art Unraveled in 2008; Jane LaFazio was sure we could all sketch and add watercolors to our work.  I am still not sure how right she was, but I guess some practice would be helpful.  I cannot just put the journal on the shelf and think that I will really learn how to produce a sketch journal.

I wonder sometimes why I think I should be able to do something right away, without practice, without learning, studying.  I encourage others and give them time to grow.  I need to give myself that same opportunity.  Take time to practice that which you wish to learn; you may surprise yourself one day.

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