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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A trip to the mountains and rambling thoughts

It was such a lovely Sunday afternoon that The Donald suggested we go to the park up in the Thompson Canyon.  Our city owns the land and has preserved it for us to have a lovely place to enjoy the beauty of the mountains and river.  We almost never go there, so I was surprised and delighted.  Packed the cooler and the camera and off we went!

The leaves were starting to change and many bushes had berries. The bees were enjoying the last of the flowers...... and our food!  The sound of the river rushing by was so relaxing. We read and rested all afternoon.

The iPAD app Frame Magic was the app used to create the montage above. There were so many neat things to photograph that I had a super time wandering along the paths....and sometimes off the paths. (Don't tell the ranger.)

A portion of the park has the remnants of the old machinery that used to be used to generate electricity for the city.  Most of this was wiped away in the Big Thompson Flood back in the 70's.  The rusty remains are a reminder of lives and homes lost that night as the water rushed down the canyon in the dark. Many regular people became heroes that night.

Speaking of heroes, do you remember the videos shown on tv a few weeks ago showing people lifting a car to save a motorcyclist from burning to death? Amazing what people can do when they have to. I wonder how many everyday heroes we never hear about. Hats off to them!

As the sun went down behind the mountains we headed back to the city to re-enter our regular lives. It was a nice way to spend the day.....and now I have many more photos to play with!

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