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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chain Maille, Art for the Left Brained Person

I find myself falling back into the left-brained world. It is not as much creative as linear, but one can make some beautiful items that bring joy to people.

Those who create variations of the ancient patterns amaze me.  I am happy to follow their directions to get to the finished product.  The process can be relaxing unless too many of the small jump rings fly across the room. We did learn to not go barefoot after a chain making session.

Scott David Plumlee teaches chain maille at various venues in the art and jewelry world. He is always well organized, patient, and has wonderful designs that he has created himself.  The above is one of his designs that I made in one of his classes.

Dale Wigley shows her creations at the vendor shows at Art Unraveled and Art and Soul. She even makes her own jump rings before making the chains. One amazing lady....you will see her in Destination Creativity, Ricë Zachary-Freeman's new book on art retreats.

Beauty can be done one step at a time when the creativity muse is asleep.

I think it is time to go to paint a page!

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