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Monday, October 24, 2011

One foggy day....or the rest of my life?

 Thinking is impossible on a brain fog day, just as visibility is decreased on a foggy, rainy day aboard ship in the Bering Sea.  The blessing on the trip is that foggy days were rare, and that most days were clear so we could easily see the glory of nature all around us...with no other people in sight. Birds, whales, and bear were on our list of scouting possibilities as we boarded Zodiacs for a day of exploring the shores along the cove.

As I make lists, pack, unpack, make more lists, try to clean, where IS IT???.......my brain has seemed to have quit working for longer than just one day.  Will this go away?? It always has before, but as I get older the mist seems to stay longer and longer.  Will clear thinking be a thing of the past? Oh, I certainly hope not. 

Tomorrow will be a better day.   Slow down, make lists, and do not worry!  Forget the chores and paint!!  Sounds great to me.

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