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Friday, October 14, 2011

Tired eyes and a second look.....

As you can see in this photo of steampunk jewelry, I was careless with the liquid nails, the adhesive for this project in Brenda Mattson's class at Art and Soul.  I had no idea I had slopped the glue until I looked at this photo. Once I had a magnified, close-up view, I was able to clean up the mess.

I wonder how many details in our lives pass by us unnoticed. Do we really look closely at the things that fill our space? Are we really aware, really here?  Or do we run fast, blissfully ignoring the little details that could, if cleared up,  make our lives better?

What things in our lives could be improved, made more likeable, more appreciated if we took the time to look for the little things that clog up the gears?

Looking at the big picture is a good thing, but I hope to take a look into the nooks and crannies of my surroundings to see what can be improved.  I hope. Slow down. Become aware.

Bracelet made in another steampunk jewelry class with Brenda, Art and Soul, 2011

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