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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

...and other pursuits

What joy can be found in many activities of life!  Can anything be more special than visiting the grandkids?!  (Well, seeing their parents was also nice.)

We had a wonderful time reading, playing games on the iPAD, and doing some art activities.  I can hardly wait till they visit here one day so we can paint some pages and bind some books.   Alli and Amanda already have a small studio set up in their basement with a storage area for supplies, hooks for aprons, and an easel. It is never too early to start and they do love art time.

We were using the light rail and heading to the airport when the east coast earthquake was felt.  There was excitement and wonder expressed on the train as many were calling people to see if they were ok, and if they felt the quake.  Many buildings in Philly were evacuated and people were sent home from work making the train station a very crowded place. Trains were delayed and some tracks were closed.  The airport even closed for a short time and the security lines were the longest we had ever seen.

Back at home, the mail had piled up, but I quickly found my new Kindle 3 skin made from an image of one of my painted pages.  I had uploaded a photo of one of my pages to Gelaskins.com and here it is applied to my Kindle. Pretty cool!!    


                              This combined photo was made in the Photowall app on the iPAD.

Well, back to the studio!  More donations for GW need to be sorted out and boxed up!  Purging time!!


  1. No wonder the skin was so you! It was you. Very cool.