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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sketch a tree.......

Here is another process that I use in my journals.

I would love to have a sketch journal, but my sketches have a lot to be desired.  I do have an inner artist that can draw splendidly.... too bad she can never come out to play!  Here is a way to draw without having the necessary skills.

The tree photo was taken on a vacation and then altered with an iPAD app.  It was reduced to a light pencil sketch, which I am now using as a basis for "my" colored pencil drawing. Some of the branches are continued onto the page which was first painted with several layers of the typical scrape, wet, and blot technique. The left page is darker in the photo than it truly is.

I like not finishing a page so I can come back to it, almost as a child with a coloring book, spending several hours in peaceful contemplation.  A theme reoccurs.... getting away from the world into a quiet place with my trees.

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