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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Leaves of Green...This Time

Leaves and trees are part of my place of peace.  I could stare up (or down, as the case may be) at them for hours, loving the interplay of colors, lights, and shadows.

In this spread, the pages are painted, paste paper is adhered, another small page is tipped in, and the photos are altered.

The leaves on the plant on the left have additional color pencil added with the leaves being drawn out onto the page.  This photo was also altered with the Color Splash app on the iPAD.  That app turns the picture to black and white and then you draw with your finger over the areas you want color to reappear.

The plant photos on the right are scraps cut from another photo.

Written journaling will be added at the proper time.   WHAT is the proper time?  When the words come, when the thoughts need to be poured out onto the page....THAT is the proper time. Until then, turn the pretty pages and enjoy the colors and photos as they are.

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