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Monday, January 30, 2012

Recycling Revisited

 One of my favorite ways to make books full of painted pages is to recycle Reader's Digest Condensed Books and old belts from thrift stores and library sales.  The covers often have nicely patterned covers with a variety of colors to choose from.

One carefully takes the book block out of the book keeping the covers intact.  If you want to leave the original spine on the cover,  you may.  For this book I cut off the spine.

A sewn-over-tapes binding was done with an old belt and waxed linen. I went around each part of the belt twice to make a nice fat binding.

This book is a nice size and feels good in the hands.   The pages lie flat which makes adhering photos and journaling easy.

Keep the novels removed from the original book  for reading while planes are taking off and landing....that time when all electronic devices must be turned off.   You can rip the book block into separate novels and take just one on your trip. When you land, toss it or leave it in the pocket of the airplane seat for someone else to read.

Here is a shot of a couple pages in this book.

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  1. Love, love! I, too, enjoy using Reader's Digest Condensed books for creating books, using pages, all sorts of artistic fodder! Thanks for sharing!