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Friday, January 20, 2012

Friends and Fun at Art and Soul

Of course, we all look forward to the classes at art retreats like Art Unraveled and Art and Soul, but one of the VERY important aspects of these retreats is the art buddies we may see only once a year.
Some of my best friends are seen only at these retreats.  Yes, I know..... it is easy to be friends when you are not together very long!!  BUT.......it is so fun to see how we can just start conversing just as if we had seen each other yesterday, not 365 yesterdays ago.

This is my friend Karen, whom I met back in 1999 in Amsterdam.  We happened to be on the same river cruise.  She and Al, her husband, have been with us on several trips after that first one.  Now, we rarely all 4 get together, but she and I have a great time in Portland.

Soooooo, as she and I would say ( a story behind THAT!), get your reservations and registrations ready and join the gangs at the various art retreats.  Art Unraveled and Art and Soul are already online. Art is You West Coast will be up in February. Create is out there..... and many more.

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