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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Painted pages as skins" evolving into "it is what it is."

 I am looking over some of my painted pages in order to possibly use one or more for making skins for my Amazon Fire and Touch.....yes, more electronic toys.  Love 'em!

My Kindle 3 has a skin made from a past painted page and I really like it a lot.   That one I showed you in an early post.

This page is one of my favorites.  VERY cheap water color paint and water color paper, tons of water, and a plastic bag were the tools for this one.

 These two pages were made with the good old technique of using many layers of scraped paint and sprayed water.  I find painting these pages very meditative and really like making them.

Some of them actually do get used in making books.  Photographs attached to them and more media applied as the muse dictates completes the page.  Then the journaling can begin.....or not.

It is strange how it is so easy to write some days and the well runs completely dry on other days. But one cannot worry either way.  Acceptance.
One of the many life lessons I am continually trying to learn is the fact, "It is what it is."

It is only when we fight the "what is" that we have issues and hurts and pain.  If we accept all things as they are, all people as they are, giving thanks for each and all, that we can be happy and at peace.

I know I am not the first to say this. I hope I am not the last as we all can be far less frustrated if we go with "what is".  Maybe if I try to teach this a bit more, I will learn it!

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  1. You will learn it!!! Over the last few years I've had to teach myself that same lesson & it's finally sunk in (not even with art). You just have to force yourself--you're strong, you can do it! :)