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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

End of the season

 Every fall brings the death of many plants and flowers.  The stems lose their petals and become bald. Storms batter at the weakened plants and stress them.  This old flower even looks a bit prickly as the softening petals fall away.

 People are just like flowers.  Our parts become weak, our hair falls out. Many days we are very prickly as people around us complain or cause problems. Our tolerance for the storms of life greatly decrease.

Isn't it wonderful that spring brings renewal.  I am waiting with great anticipation!


  1. Marcy, you have reminded me of a poem I wrote and put at my daddy's funeral..Sharing.

    Winter time awakes the snow,
    puts to sleep what summers grow.
    All things green mothered by earth,
    lay resting up til springs re-birth.
    So it's true of man we know,
    when it's his winter he to must go..by Patsy H.

  2. @Patsy.....thanks for sharing the poem!!!