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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Do that which you cannot do......

Susannah Conway spoke in her blog about how hard it is to allow yourself to be a beginner.  

Van Gogh said that we must do that which we cannot do in order to learn to do it. 

I received both these messages this winter, so I have to draw the conclusion that I am meant to get out of my comfort zone and move onto things I would like to learn to do, rather than sticking to the known.

My friend, Jane, has teased me greatly about choosing retreat classes that teach what I already know how to do.  "Get out of your box, Marcy!"

To be a beginner, to not do reasonably well is VERY difficult and frustrating for me....ask the Donald!!

I guess it is time. Soooooo, My lettering needs a ton or work and my drawing skills are nil. These are the areas I have chosen for my next endeavors.

We shall see where these exercises lead me.  Now, how about you???  Do something today that you think you cannot do!!

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  1. Message received - going to studio to try something I've been avoiding!