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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Disappearing art retreats .....

I see that more and more art retreats are finding it impossible to continue due to falling registrations. I find that very sad as many of us would not be able to learn the great variety of things we find at these retreats 

The book pictured above was a project taught by Dan Essig, a master bookbinder who has taught classes at various venues including Art Unraveled and Art and Soul. I would highly recommend his classes as he is very well prepared and he is an excellent teacher who makes the project possible for people of many levels of experience.

This project is only one example of the many learning opportunities that we students have had in the past.

Most of us do not live in an area where we can find a multitude of teachers and projects to help us learn new skills to further our own creativity. 

The retreats offer us the possibility to grow, learn, and have fun with our annual best buddies.  Our art batteries get re-charged and we can return home filled with new tools and new ideas to create on our own.

If you can attend an art retreat this coming year, taking even one or two classes, I highly encourage you to do so. Yes, mainly because I am selfish and I want more classes for myself(!), do I tell you to join me, but if you do, you will also benefit from this great learning experience. Hope to see you in 2012!


  1. Love your book Marcy. I agree about Dan, I took a class with him for the first time at Art Unraveled this year, he is a great teacher. Count me in for attending an art retreat :)

  2. yes, you'll see us. Essig definitely is one of the best.

  3. I agree, Marcy. Without art retreats, I just wouldn't have the opportunity to learn & grow. And meet new friends!!